Jr High Parents’ Update – May 12th

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May 2015 - Sunday Skewl - Main Graphic

Every year, I find it very important to use at least one series to go back to the basics. There are some spiritual disciplines that can get lost through the year for some of our students, and with the countdown to summer on, I think it is smart to take a few weeks to go over some simple topics like the Bible, prayer and friendships.

This week we kick off our series with a week on the Bible, and helping our students remember that we can always rely on the Bible, no matter what the situation. It is truly a light unto our path.

We want to encourage our students to open up their Bibles often, and to have it become part of their daily routine.

Here are the follow-up questions that our students will be discussing in small groups:

Question 1: On a scale of 1 to 10, how important would you say that your Bible is to you right now (10 Being very important)? Be open and honest, and explain why.

Question 2:  What are some ways that you rely on the Bible? What challenges and situations in your life make you go to your Bible before anything or anyone else?

Question 3: Is there anyone in your life that you think has developed fantastic habits when it comes to reading the Bible?

Question 4: What would types of things would make reading your Bible more appealing? Would it be easier if you knew someone else was reading the same things that you were reading, and you could talk about things that don’t make sense to you?

Question 5: How do you plan on making the Bible become more important in your life?

Here is our key verse for the week:

Your word is a lamp to guide my feet

    and a light for my path.

Psalm 119:105

Thank you so much for investing in the lives of your Jr Highs each week!


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