Jr High Parents’ Update – Feb 3rd

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February 2015 - Girls and Boys - Web Graphic

This is the month that we’ve all been waiting for! The week that we do our best to help our Jr High students through the world of dating, relationships, love and sex that they are starting to face on a constant basis.

This week we want to tackle this idea of why we have to talk about it. Though these topics can be very uncomfortable for a lot of our students, the reality is that they are facing these questions on a constant basis at school, and with their friends. Our goal is to allow for vertical learning (hearing about these topics from adults who are more mature in their faith), rather than horizontal learning (hearing about these topics from their peers only, and people who are far from mature in their faith).

Culture around us often tells us things that are absolute lies. From music, to movies and TV, we see so many skewed views of what relationships are, and the cheapness of them. We want to do our best to point our students towards Christ, and the example of true love that he set before us.

This month, don’t be afraid to share your experiences, so that our students see first hand that they aren’t alone in their questions and concerns.

Here are the follow-up questions that our students will be discussing in small groups:

Question 1: What do you know about dating? Do you have many friends that are currently in relationships?

Question 2:  What do your friends, whether they’re in relationships or not, say about dating?

Question 3: Do you think relationships are something that we need to talk about? Why or why not?

Question 4: How would you describe a healthy relationship? Do you have any examples of people around you (friends, leaders, parents, etc.) that you would say have healthy relationships?

Question 5: Though Christ was not in a dating relationship with anyone, what do you think He taught us about relationships and dating?

Thank you so much for investing in the lives of your Jr Highs each week!


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