Sr High Parent’s Update – Nov 12th

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 November 2014 - God In Us - Main Graphic


Week 1 – God is Sovereign


 Nov 12th






Main Thing …

It is clear in Scripture that God is Sovereign and He is in control of everything that happens.  This is something that the Old Testament character Joseph new very well.  He lived his life knowing that God is Sovereign.  What are some lessons that he learned?  How can we live our lives differently knowing that God is Sovereign?



Scratch the Surface…

  • High’s and lows
  • Do you get along with your siblings?
  • Can you recall any epic sibling battles or rivalries that are worth sharing?


Dig a Little Deeper…

  • Explain this in your own words

o   God is Sovereign

  • Talk through these points and apply them to your life

o   God is sovereign and you can submit your dreams to God

o   The fact that God is sovereign does not mean that your life is going to be perfect

o   The fact that God is sovereign means that grace trumps everything

o   Because God is Sovereign, you only have an audience of 1

  • Think deep … If God is Sovereign, what are some things that just don’t make sense in this world … ?

o   Example “If God is Sovereign, then why _______________?”



  • You could share about a time when you were really tested in your faith and had to trust God
  • You could talk about how you have submitted your dreams to God so far in your life



  • Pray with your group
  • Are there any ways that you can live different this week because God is Sovereign?


Key Scriptures and thoughts…


God is above all things and before all things. He is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. He is immortal, and He is present everywhere so that everyone can know Him

(Revelation 21:6)

God created all things and holds all things together, both in heaven and on earth, both visible and invisible

(Colossians 1:16)

God knows all things past, present, and future. There is no limit to His knowledge, for God knows everything completely before it even happens

(Romans 11:33).

Genesis 37-50


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