Sr High Parents Update – March 27th

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No Average Joe – Week 4

Come As You Are

March 27 2013







It was very clear in the life and ministry of Jesus that He told people to “come as you are.”  Many times throughout His life, Jesus met with sinful people who had many issues in their life and who society shunned.  Each time they encountered a loving Christ who accepted them as they are.  They crazy thing is that each one of those people left that encounter with Jesus different than when they came.  Jesus’ life and ministry was so powerful that people could not help but be impacted and changed in His presence.  This same Jesus is at work in the world today; He accepts us as we are, but our lives are changed when we open up our hearts and encounter Him.



  • To get to know your group and build relationships
  • To better understand the life and ministry of Jesus
  • To learn how people’s lives were changed by their encounter with Jesus


Conversation Starters…

  • High’s and lows
  • If you could only eat one fast food restaurant for the rest of you life … what would it be?


Dig a Little Deeper…

  • Is there anything that stuck out to you from Jeff’s message tonight?
  • Did you have questions about anything Jeff said?
  • How would you summarize the message in your own words?
  • Describe what it means … “A come as you are God”
  • In what ways is this or isn’t this a “come as you are church?”
  • Read John 11
    • How was Martha’s life changed when she met Jesus?
    • What can you learn from Martha’s story?
    • What are some of the things that you need God’s help with?
    • Does this story inspire you to live different?
    • Read Luke 7:36-50
      • How was the woman’s life changed when she met Jesus?
      • What about this story inspires you?
      • What is crazy about what Jesus does?
      • Does this story have any effect on your life?


  • You could share about a time in your life when you were in need and God helped you out
  • You could share about a time in your life where your life was changed as a result of your relationship with Christ



  • Pray with your students
  • What are some ways for us to daily encounter this “come as you are God?”


Key Scriptures …

John 11

Luke 7:36-50

John 16:30

“Now we can see that you know all things and that you do not even need to have anyone ask you questions. This makes us believe that you came from God.”


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