Sr High – OUTLOUD week 5 – Global Stories Night

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Last night we had the privilege to listen to Alan Ssemgenyi share some of his experiences that he had growing up in the country of Uganda.  It was incredible to listen to him explain how those tough experiences caused him to trust more in God.  It was very moving to hear him describe how he came to faith in Jesus and how his deep relationship with God has helped him through his life.  Below, you will see some great questions that were discussed in the small groups.  It is a great opportunity for you to discuss with your teenager some of the struggles that people face around the world.


Global Stories

Alan Ssemgenyi

Founder of Child Life Network


  1. Alan’s story is one of living in fear as a young person.   Although you heard Alan describe how it impacted him, how would a situation like what he faced have impacted you were you Alan?   What fears about God would it create in you?



  1. How could a loving God actually let people like Alan face such circumstances?  What can we learn about God from Alan’s story?



  1. Although it seems ridiculous to think that what we face could be as ugly, there are many situations right here in our community where young people live through traumatic experiences that breed fear in them.   Where have you seen it happen?    How does Jesus want us to respond to people who face trauma?


  1. Many people live their life in places of constant war and poverty.  How might we as Canadians be God’s agents for change in a world with such awful things happening.







Around the world, an estimated 300,000 children under the age of 18 are currently participating in armed conflicts in approximately 30 countries.

There are 15 million aids orphans in sub saharan africa alone

More than 2.5 billion people lack basic sanitation

India has approximately 50% of the world’s poor people within its borders

About 30% of all children in the developing world suffer from stunted growth due to malnitrution.



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